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Mesh Flex Banner

Mesh Flex Banner have a mesh structure. This construction makes the mesh breathable, making it ideal for use in windy places. They are printed on one side and are usually manufactured using UV and abrasion-resistant inks.

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Product Description

Mesh Flex Banner have a mesh structure. This construction makes the mesh breathable, making it ideal for use in windy places. They are printed on one side and are usually manufactured using UV and abrasion-resistant inks.

Feature of Mesh Flex Banner:

1. Hundreds of small perforations on the mesh banner make the design and message clearly visible even when the wind blows past the banner display.

2. The perforation also results in a reduced load on the supporting structure.

3. They are a great choice for large banner displays on buildings and other high places.

4. The mesh banner is printed by direct printing, presenting a photo-realistic quality display.

Application of Mesh Flex Banner:

1. Usually used in outdoor advertising as printed signs

2. Billboards, indoor signs, indoor and outdoor large-format digital printing

3. Building protective net

4. Eco-solvent inkjet printing and screen printing

5. Exterior walls of commercial buildings, interior walls of buildings, large-scale exhibition booth structures, etc.

Product Introduction:

Material: Mesh Flex Banner

Art No.: RV-MF02-440(1010)

Product: Outdoor sign media Advertising Material PVC Flex Frontlit Banner Roll

Base Fabric:1000Dx1000D 9x9

Weight: 440g/sq.m ; 13oz/sq.yd

Width:Max. width: 5.1M

Length: Standard package: 50M/R; customization

Color: White

Surface: Glossy/matt/semi-matt

Weaving: Warp-knitted base fabric

Life Time: 9-24months, depends on the application conditions

Special Treatment: Fire retardant; UV resistance; anti-mildew for option

Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China(Mainland)

Port: Shanghai port; Ningbo port

Shipping:By Sea; By air in FCL container, LCL container


Package Craft paper package; Paper tube package

Pros And Cons Of Mesh Flex Banners

Backlit flex banners are also excellent in the presentation of visual effects, which are reflected in outdoor advertising

1. High visibility: Mesh Flex Banner are translucent, so light can shine through the banner from behind, maintaining a clear picture and visual effect even in low-light environments.

2. Weather resistance: Backlit flex banners have a special coating on their surface that allows them to block out the weather and UV rays, providing excellent resistance to erosion.

This means that Mesh Flex Banner can be used as permanent outdoor advertising for months with consistent color brilliance. The critical material areas at the attachment points do not wear off or become brittle. An advantageous feature for changing advertising locations is the flexibility of Frontlit. It can be removed, rolled up, transported and hung again. There are no wrinkles, rolling spots or other impairments.


Advertising tarpaulin material FrontlitFrontlit banners are often used as large-scale advertising in exhibition halls, for example as a wall design at a trade fair stand. Here the material has the wonderful property that it can be glued on. This means that current trade fair product information, the latest announcements and other time-limited information can simply be stuck directly onto the advertising message. After the announced event, the sticker is removed again, with the colors and material underneath the sticker remaining intact.

Mesh Flex Banner is the all-round material for optimal printing, long-term usability and worry-free use indoors and outdoors. It refers to a flexible banner made of PVC that is printed on one side. Unlike a backlit banner, such as a PVC backlight, it is only suitable for direct, frontal lighting.

The front of the material is smooth and optimized for high-resolution digital printing. The back has an embedded fabric structure that makes the material more stable and tear-resistant. The alternative to the full-surface material is PVC Mesh, an open-structured fabric with good pressure reproduction, which is used when increased wind load plays a significant role.

In keeping with its intended use, PVC Frontlit has a high level of resistance to direct UV radiation. Since it does not have an open-pored structure, it is waterproof and weather-resistant, making it an excellent choice for outdoor use. The resulting contamination - graying from exhaust gases, splashing dirt from rain or moss formation after years of use - can be easily removed by using water, a sponge and mild cleaners.

The underlying material, Mesh Flex Banner, is an amorphous, thermoplastic whose properties are controlled by the addition of plasticizers and additives. In this way, the degree of hardness, toughness or flexibility can be regulated and adapted for many different areas of application. Due to UV light and special weather conditions, the material gradually loses these properties, becomes brittle and can crack. The pressure also slowly loses intensity due to daily exposure to light (around 10-20% per year). We indicate the average usage time of the PVC materials for each product.

What does the banner have to be like?

Size and packaging.

The material is printed on rolls 5m wide. The maximum printable area of 4.94m x 15m can be enlarged almost as desired by joining several pieces of material together. The sections are “welded” together. The edge of the material is heated to a width of 5cm and the PVC plastic is firmly connected to each other. Our production puts graphics together in such a way that the overall picture is preserved and transitions are barely visible, especially from a few meters away. We offer the circumferential eyelet of the banner at a distance of 50cm at no extra charge. Large banners are usually provided with a narrower eyelet and a polyester webbing to reinforce the edge. From a certain size, webbing with eyelets are also attached to the rear surface to create additional mounting points. For oversized banners, we recommend using PVC mesh, as this significantly reduces weight and wind load.

In addition to the use of eyelets, the individual finishing of the surrounding edge can be customized in a variety of ways:

In addition to simply cutting the banner to size, with or without edging, you are welcome to let us know your wishes for special packaging. For example, we offer many different eyelet sizes, shapes, colors and eyelets according to plan. You can find further details in the assembly menu. Please feel free to contact us by email or telephone. We will find the optimal packaging for your requirements!

How is the banner delivered? Important information about shipping.

We generally recommend that banners only be shipped and stored rolled up to avoid the formation of wrinkles and creases. From a length of 2.50m (short side) shipping via a freight forwarder is necessary. A bulky goods surcharge will be charged for this, which will be displayed in your shopping cart. If expressly requested, we can also send banners folded, in which case the bulky goods surcharge will not apply. The resulting wrinkles can be minimized over time by applying even, tight tension on all sides.

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