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Flex Backlit Banner Outdoor

Flex Backlit Banner Outdoor are the most common type of signages seen around. They can also be used a displays to show case various other items such as menu,photos etc

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Product Description

Flex Backlit Banner Outdoor are the most common type of signages seen around. They can also be used a displays to show case various other items such as menu,photos etc

What is Flex Backlit Banner Outdoor?

The underlying material, PVC (polyvinyl chloride), is a thermoplastic whose properties are controlled by the addition of plasticizers and additives. In this way, the degree of hardness, toughness or flexibility can be regulated and adapted for many different areas of application. In order to obtain an optimal mix of these properties for use as a mesh material, we selected two robust fabrics with surface weights between 310g/m² for the standard material and 330g/m² for the premium quality, which combines durability, UV and weather resistance equal to full-surface tarpaulin material. The private and commercial use of PVC Mesh indoors is also problem-free because it complies with B1 fire protection according to DIN 4102.

PVC Coated Printing Mesh Bannerdemonstrate their excellent properties as carriers of large-format prints in many places, but reach their limits as soon as the wind load at the place of use plays a role, be it due to the height at which they are installed, placement in an open field or size of the banner. If certain values are exceeded, it is advisable to switch to a carrier material whose physical properties reduce wind loads to a minimum.

Flex Backlit Banner Outdoor

One of the cheapest form of display solution available out there

Can come in various shapes. Most common is rectangle,square,circle

Advantage of using Backlit transfilm is that its easily replaceable

Anyone can remove a lightbox film and swap it reducing cost for labour to install

We can also fabricate custom stands to hold the lightbox in various angles

Product Introduction:

Material: Flex Backlit Banner Outdoor

Art No.: RV-MF02-440(1010)

Product: Outdoor sign media Advertising Material PVC Flex Frontlit Banner Roll

Base Fabric:1000Dx1000D 9x9

Weight: 440g/sq.m ; 13oz/sq.yd

Width:Max. width: 5.1M

Length: Standard package: 50M/R; customization

Color: White

Surface: Glossy/matt/semi-matt

Weaving: Warp-knitted base fabric

Life Time: 9-24months, depends on the application conditions

Special Treatment: Fire retardant; UV resistance; anti-mildew for option

Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China(Mainland)

Port: Shanghai port; Ningbo port

Shipping:By Sea; By air in FCL container, LCL container


Package Craft paper package; Paper tube package

Flex Backlit Banner Outdoor


1.Excellent solvent digital printing.

2.Widely used for large format digital printing, such as billboard printing, Over-sized indoor / outdoor hanging banners, frontlit and backlit banners, Light box cloth as well as screen printing.

3.Good light transmission and water-proof.

4.High tensile strength, tearing strength(resist against 12 grade typhoon), anti-UV, weather-resistance and fire retardant(has passed B1, M2).

5.Width ranges from 1.02m to 3.20m


1.For indoor and outdoor advertising.

2.Building signs and instore displays

3.Trade show displays.Outdoor displays



Advertising tarpaulin material FrontlitFrontlit banners are often used as large-scale advertising in exhibition halls, for example as a wall design at a trade fair stand. Here the material has the wonderful property that it can be glued on. This means that current trade fair product information, the latest announcements and other time-limited information can simply be stuck directly onto the advertising message. After the announced event, the sticker is removed again, with the colors and material underneath the sticker remaining intact.

Outside of the advertising ideas, a frontlit banner can easily be converted into a wall decoration using the appropriate print of your choice. For children's rooms and optimal fun, for example, a printed landscape is suitable, which can be decorated with animals, plants or comic heroes as you wish. If taste or decoration requirements change, the redesign is very easy and the print directly on the coating of the Frontlit Banner remains intact, as in the other examples. Although Frontlit is a PVC, it has B1 certification (flame retardant). This means that the Frontlit Banner does not contain any harmful substances and can therefore be hung in all indoor areas without any concerns


Material tear-resistant, opaque and weatherproof, even when hanging outdoors for a long time

B1 certification certifies the unrestricted suitability for indoor use

Brilliant color reproduction on the smooth, stickable frontlit coating

Flexible properties for multiple location changes without visible creases or rolled edges

Similar to wind resistance as truck tarpaulins

Can be printed in high resolution using digital printing, preferably with latex ink without solvents

laminated pvc flex banner uses high quality polyester yarn and PVC film, special designed for solvent printing industry.

The perfect light transmitting rate of this backlit flex banner makes the printing result reaches ideally vivid effect. Its surface is very smooth and very bright, which makes it works very well with almost all Latex, solvent, eco-solvent, UV inks!! With perfect printing effect, high strength to resist harsh weather, plus affordable price, no doubt is your best choice for backlit printing media.


Frontlit banners are known from the large, high-gloss advertising tarpaulins on high-rise buildings, on huge advertising spaces or in front of exhibition centers and construction sites. The material has a closed structure and remains tear-resistant in wind, weather and wet conditions. The fabric is made of polyvinyl chloride or polyester and is coated before printing. This form of PVC is opaque. This means that an advertising print remains perfectly legible under all lighting conditions, without unwanted shading from the sun. The coating also improves the durability of the banner material against wear and tear caused by dirt and moisture.

This means that frontlit banners can be used as permanent outdoor advertising for months with consistent color brilliance. The critical material areas at the attachment points do not wear off or become brittle. An advantageous feature for changing advertising locations is the flexibility of Frontlit. It can be removed, rolled up, transported and hung again. There are no wrinkles, rolling spots or other impairments.

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